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One of the Tri-City Aviation’s principal services is the sale of aviation fuels. The company sells 100LL avgas and Jet A to the Aviation community. (Prices are updated weekly). The fuel is stored in the airport’s fuel farm located north of the ramp. In addition to fuel, Tri-City Aviation provides a variety of lubricants and de-icing compounds to both the general and commercial aviation community.

Tri-City Aviation uses Phillips 66 aircraft fuel.


Tri-City Aviation also provides a wide variety of maintenance and support services for both general and commercial aviation. The firm provides engine maintenance, repair and inspection services for both jet and reciprocating engines, and airframe maintenance and repair services for the aviation community. All maintenance is done at the corporate location.

Tri-City Aviation is a certified Cessna Service Center.

Other Speciality Services

Tri-City Aviation also provides services and facilities which are maintained and operated in accordance with the Tri-Cities Airport Commission’s “Minimum Standards for Full-Service Fixed Base Operation and Specialty Service Operations at Tri-Cities Regional Airport.” These services include:

  • On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • UNICOM equipment to facilitate airborne customer requests
  • A discreet flight planning area properly equipped with appropriate wall charts, AIM, NOTAM’s board, a local-access telephone to contact the Flight Service Station, and a monitor for the Tri-Cities ATC tower
  • Flight planning aids and miscellaneous small flight aid and comfort accessories
  • Landing fee collection services for the Tri-Cities Airport Commission
  • Parking for general aviation clients
  • 24-hour On-Call Emergency assistance for the general aviation community
  • Ground Equipment for general and commercial aviation clients
  • De-Icing services for general and commercial aviation operations
  • Catering Services
  • Charter Handling services including baggage handling services, ramp services, lavatory service, boarding stairs, GPUs and air starts
  • Special Events coordination including the coordination of services required for Airshows and Nascar races
  • Cargo Handling including: Loading, Unloading, and Forklift provision
  • Making car and hotel reservations for customers
  • Contract maintenance for airlines operating into TRI
  • USDA Port of Entry clearance facility
  • On site customs clearance

Rates and Charges

For aircraft maintenance rates and services, please contact Mike Lloyd at (423) 325-6275. For fuel pricing, ask for Pam Phillips or a member of our customer service staff at (423) 325-6261.

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