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Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway

Geographically speaking, Tri-Cities Tennessee/Viginia includes the area’s three main hubs: Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport. These three cities, known as the Tri-Cities, are approximately the same size in population and area and are spaced equal distances from Tri-Cities Regional Airport. Further comprising the region are approximately 40 communities scattered throughout 14 counties in two states.


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Tri-Cities Regional Airport

TriCities Regional Airport

TriCities Regional Airport

Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI) is a full-service commercial airport that serves as a gateway to East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Western North Carolina and parts of Kentucky. TRI is a growing transportation center for the region, in passenger service, corporate / general aviation, and cargo.

Visit the TRI Web Site at for a complete account for all airport services.

Local Attractions

Bristol Motor Speedway – Bristol, Tennessee

Bays Mountain Park

Bristol Motor Speedway is known for being the fastest half mile track which entices drivers from every spectrum to face the ultimate challenge in NASCAR racing.


Bays Mountain Park – Kingsport, Tennessee

Bays Mountain is a nature preserve owned and operated by the city of Kingsport, Tennessee. The facilities include a 3000 person outdoor classroom, a 44 acre lake, and a nature center/museum, inside of which is a planetarium with a 40 foot diameter dome. The park programs are an integral part of the curriculum of local school children, and in recent years the park has assumed regional importance, with students from 33 counties in 5 states currently attending.

Hands On Museum – Johnson City, Tennessee

Hands-On! Regional Museum

Hands-On! Regional Museum

The mission of Hands On! Regional Museum is to create a dynamic, educational, fun environment which stimulates discovery, thought, and understanding through interactive exhibits, programs and events in the arts, sciences and humanities.

Located on East Main Street, this museum offers entertaining and educational participatory displays. Visitors can fly an airplane, visit a coal mine, walk through an ark with exotic animals and touch a replica of a Tennessee Valley Authority dam.